Youtube Video: How SpaceX Will Enable Interplanetary Civilization

The space video for this week was on how spaceX plans on colonizing Mars. The creator of spaceX which is Elon Musk had decided that because all people live on earth, we don’t have a plan to re-grow civilization. Elon thought that we could colonize Mars, with about 1,000,000 people moving to the red planet using a rocket he plans to create a rocket that holds up to 100 people in it. This would take about 10,000 trips also the addition things you need to live. The thing is we dont know if its even safe for us to live there. My question is: Do spaceX really plan on colonizing mars and if so have they thought on how long it would take?

Youtube Clip: SpaceX Mars Colonization


Behind The News: Space Rock

This B.T.N. news article was about different space rocks in our solar system. After the occurrence of a meteoroid going over the atmosphere in Russia the Russians started to wonder what else goes on in space. There are different types space rocks in the solar system, e.g comets, asteroids, meteoroids and meteorites. Comets: which are made up of ice and dust, the closer they get to the Sun, the more they melt. Asteroids aren’t something in need from space, in fact there are around 10,000 asteroids between Jupiter and Mars, that we call the asteroid belt. Meteors occur loads of times everyday. My question is: Was Russia’s meteoroid the most recent meteoroid to pass over the earth.

B.T.N. Space Rock

Semester 1 goal reflection

We are in semester two now and I have achieved all of my goals, for public speaking I know get over the halfway mark and nearly make it over the maximum amount of time. We don’t usually do science lessons anymore but I have gotten better at using tier 3 language in my everyday talk. We haven’t been doing the HOTmaths and other homework for the past 4 weeks because of the holidays and our natural disaster projects, when we still were doing homework though, I tried my hardest to get all of my challenges done.

First aid session response

Today at 9:15 am we were lucky enough to have a first aid session from st. Johns ambulance. Our teachers name was Tom and he taught us about D.R.S.A.B.C D- danger R-response S- search for help A- airways B- breathing C- C.P.R. We got into partners and tried the sequence and we even got to give a mannequin chest compression’s. We also learnt to check the persons airways and if there is something blocking it e.g. vomit, then you would scoop if out. Tom our instructor said that 000 will be asking us questions when you call them and he gave us stickers of the questions they will be asking us so that we can practice in an emergency.

Unicorns: How they are magical

Unicorns are magical creatures, they have horns coming out of their heads which they use to do good deeds and help all types of life forms.

They get their magic by rehabilitating plants and trees that have died, so they get their magic by helping plants and trees and spread happiness. They use their magic for good deeds such as… when someone is being naughty the unicorns confront them and make the person do the right thing.

So in conclusion unicorns get their magic by always being good. Some people might not believe in unicorns but I do.

Canberra Camp 2016: Last Post Ceremony Response

Last Post Ceremony:

On one of the days of Canberra camp we went to the Australian War Memorial, we went on a tour of the place but at the end of it we had a ceremony. Moonee Ponds Primary School (our school) was chosen to come down to ground level and stand near the eternal flame, while all of the other schools in Canberra had to stand upstairs. We were listening to the Last Post and the man that was running the ceremony had told us that we could sit down, but all of us kept our heads held high and kept standing.

Behind The News: Cyclones

Today I will be arguing on both sides of… Should places that have been in recent cyclones receive emergency payments?

First lets speak about why they should receive money. A cyclone isn’t the fault of a human, its nature so how are humans going to protect everything if a cyclone hits. The government should give them money in assistance since it is nature and the humans wouldn’t be able to prevent it.

Now lets talk about why we should give emergency payments for cyclone assistance. A cyclone cannot be prevented but it can be predicted meteorologists use modern day technology such as satellites and radars to predict cyclones, so that should give you enough time to pack important things and go.

Thank you for reading my text on ‘Should places who experience cyclones get emergency payments’ I think the no’s have it, what do you think?

B.T.N. Cyclones

100 Word Challenge: Black, Flamingo, Poked, Underneath, Extraordinary

We just moved into this house. I went for a look inside the house and it was already full of furniture… I go through the backyard and saw a flamingo it was weird but then I saw something else that caught my eye. I sat down underneath the big oak tree and noticed that there was a black envelope “By getting poked some people get stoked” I didn’t understand it so I just threw it in the rubbish bin.Today has been an extraordinary day but I think that l’ll make some memories in this new house.

Behind The News: Volcanoes

This week we were assigned to watch a video on BTN, based on, that some people in Naples of Italy don’t want to leave their homes, that was built next to a volcano. So here are some of the pros and cons about living next to an “extinct” volcano.

Lets begin by speaking about why they should stay. I think that if people realize where they live and that it could be dangerous at times, and still choose to stay, that they should stay, its there choice and there consequences at the end of the day. They have live there for as long as they have and it could be bad if people don’t give them a chance to speak also.

Now, let’s speak about why they shouldnt stay. I believe that when someone says its time to stop, that you should stop, for instance what if the volcano you supposedly live close to, erupted then you’d just have to leave everything and bolt. Would you like that?

So, now that you’ve heard both pros and cons of the argument, I hope I have made some changes to your decision, do you stay or leave?

B.T.N. Volcanoes

100 Word Challenge: As I Stared Into The Water It Began To Turn Green

I wonder around the woods, all alone, no adults to demand things. I reach my desired area ‘The Wontley Lake’ I’ve heard that if you make a wish write it down and blow it into the river at dawn your wish comes true, but who would believe in that stuff. I try it, though, it didnt seem to be working. I walk off but when I turn my back, I hear noises, water noises. I question the sounds and listen, I walk over to the lake and as I stared into the water it began to turn green. How?

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